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/January – December/

Concerts take place in Wrocław in The White Stork Synagogue since 1999. Hawdala is the joyful end of Sabbath. During that time in The Quarter of Mutual Respect sounds synagogal and traditional Jewish music and perform international, excellent artists and The White Stork Synagogue Choir Wrocław, which is the only one professional, synagogal choir in Poland.

Hawdala concerts have a long tradition. They are connected with famous cantor Moritz Deutsch, who founded a first school for cantors in Wroclaw Jewish Theological Seminary. Deutsch’s compositions were found in Wroclaw University Library and now they are a part of the repertoire of the White Strok Synagogue Choir. Hawdala concerts are the only such concerts in Europe and the World. They propagate the idea of the tolerance and the respect for cultures of other people.