PRO ARTE Foundation is the organization of the Public Use.

The mission of the PRO ARTE Foundation is building an agreement by art.

Anyone can help us in our activities by remitting money on our bank account:


PL 21124066701111000056476763

PRO ARTE Foundation was established in 2002 in Wrocław. Its main activities are promotion and organization of various cultural events in Poland and abroad.

The Foundation works in with celebrated artists from all over the world and promotes young artists. The projects which are organized by foundation are sought-after and appreciated by audiences, co-organizers and media. Projects of the Foundation are realized under the patronage of state power, municipal administration, and church authorities. It leads an effective co-operation with The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, with the Municipal Office of Wrocław, with the Marshal′s Office of the Lower-Silesian Province and with many respected polish and foreign public and non-governmental institutions.

The following projects were organized by the PRO ARTE Foundation:

Tumskie Evenings

Hawdala Concerts

Young Classic Wratislavia

Young Orchestra Festival

Simcha – Meetings with Jewish Culture

Polish-German Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Lower Silesia

The White Stork Synagogue Choir


Świdnickie Evenings

Pro Arte Foundation acts jointly with catholic, evangelic parishes, with Jewish Community and with Orthodox Church. Further more it cooperates with The Quarter of four confessions.

The foundation organizes concerts, festivals, lectures, workshops and exhibitions which are appreciated and are popular with inhabitants and tourists. The foundation supports a lot of cultural events at Lower Silesia. It also cooperates with a lot of cultural institutions in Poland and abroad. Activity of Pro Arte Foundation are appreciated by polish and international artists and media.

The Foundation’s motto is “The music has no limits” and the most important word is “cooperation”.

Foundation’s advantages:

  • artistic knowledge and professionalism

  • good contact with artistic circles in Poland and abroad

  • frankness for new artistic and intellectual trends

  • frankness for international cooperation

Projects, which are organized by Foundation, answer philosophical, social, ethical questions. Foundation’s projects are something more than just music concerts. There is also place for film, discussion, politics, painting, religion etc. Projects are a good example of foundation’s mission which is agreement by arts.